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Camille Orny and Magda Vaz
Friday, 20 April, 2018

Conversation. At 7.00 pm Activity associated with the Artengo2000 exhibition (24 January – 1 April 2018), by Camille Orny and Magda Vaz

The conversation will focus on unconventional narrative frameworks that eschew the presentation-climax-denouement format and which structure a set of artefacts, whether they are shared on P2P platforms or come from auteur cinema. The participants will discuss how this type of narration addresses the slippery nature of reality that it fictionalises, since it lacks a totalising ‘story’.

Conversation between Blanca Martínez, Camille Orny and Magda Vaz.

Irene Solà
Thursday, 19 April, 2018
Presentation of digital environments project

Presentation of the project Notes on a novel (that I am not going to write), or the swimming pool, or the hair, the herb and the bread or the tomato plant

Participants: Irene Solà, Michael Lawton, Maria Cabrera, Verónica Gerber Bicecci, Claudia Pagès, Mikel Aboitiz, Alexandra Laudo, Joana Capella

Notes on a novel (that I am not going to write), or the swimming pool, or the hair, the herb and the bread or the tomato plant are the preparatory notes (passages of text, dialogues, discarded materials, lists of ideas, appointments, rough notes, etc.) for a novel which there is no intention to write. Irene Solà carried out this project as part of Barcelona Producció, La Capella (digital environments).

Irene has invited five artists and writers to take over these materials so they can write a passage of the novel that will not be written, and a sixth artist to work based on the idea of bewitching bread.

During the presentation, we will listen to notes and passages of the novel written by the participants, and eat bewitched bread.

Venue: Terrace of the Escola Massana (Plaça de la Gardunya, 9)

Eliana Beltrán
Saturday, 14 April, 2018
Live performance

The Reading Room is concerned with the unrestricted exploration of other forms of collective reading. The third session of this project presents an action situated between the boundaries of the open essay, micro-theatre, performance and sculptural installation, while also studying the idea of writing plays for the theatre as a medium. Through the reappropriation of Miran Božovič’s essay “The Omniscient Body”, which contains a wealth of narrative material, surrealist brushstrokes, the philosophy of materialism, veiled misogyny and indoctrination, and in which the theme of the acousmatic voice in Diderot’s first novel, Les bijoux indiscrets, and in Pythagorean legends is examined as the possible origin of the term, what is proposed is a deconstruction of meaning expressed through the action of two women drummers who embody two or three characters, a sculpture presented as an actor and a complete alteration of the idea of place that involves what is audible as representation and as fiction.

Quim Pujol
Friday, 13 April, 2018
Live performance

Colours are a cultural construction which consists in pointing at a certain stripe of the light spectrum and giving it a name. This projects proposes a live action using colour expressions in order to develop a composition of words, sounds and gestures which may put into question our understanding of colour. Just like green Chroma Key screens, this piece is a surface where anything can be projected

Les Brontë
Thursday, 12 April, 2018
Live performance

Our aim is to mount a huge pop-punk-glam-trash-glitch Graeco-Roman bacchanalian feast as a way of resisting the occupation and colonisation of the body poetics by capitalism, in a tribute to the freedom of the body and an endorsement of its power to transport us as a gateway to the great mysteries of art. A collection of lost archives of the future. The post-apocalypse is a psycho-aesthetic condition. Aesthetic junkies who have overdosed. The kitsch is the new rococo.

Dani Montlleó
Wednesday, 21 March, 2018
Talk “Kill sound before sound kills you” and presentation of the publication “The Jinx and the Revolution (The Jinxed Revolution)”

Talk “Kill sound before sound kills you”, by Arnau Horta. Presented by Alexandra Laudo.
Presentation of the publication “The Jinx and the Revolution (The Jinxed Revolution)”, by Dani Montlleó.

The talk “Kill sound before sound kills you” will address the role of sound and listening in the production, codifying and administration of various political and social spaces. We will be analysing the disciplinary and subliminal uses of sound (from Muzak to torture and including non-lethal sonic weapons), as well as its subversive and rebellious potential.

Dani Montlleó will talk about the publication related to his project “The Jinx and the Revolution (The Jinxed Revolution)”, at Sala Gran of La Capella untill April 1st.

In the third session of the project, we will look at a ‘gathering of neighbours made neighbours’, as Cruïlles (Crossroads) described itself. Cruïlles was a gathering of neighbours of both sexes who met for over a decade out on the street to spend a bit of time together: every Tuesday at 8.30 pm, they would get their chairs and sit out on the square, doing nothing in each other’s company. Something that used to be entirely normal and common, but which nowadays has disappeared from Barcelona, the city of the culture of the spectacle. This the neighbours did without categories, in a spontaneous manner, freely and without commitments, without ideologies, playing and fermenting together with a great sense of humour. Over the years, it developed into many things: having a cup of tea, doing embroidery and crochet, skipping, turning rubble sacks found on the street into art installations, reading poetry, remaining silent, questioning whether it made sense to carry on, discovering an appearance of the Virgin in a dirty hole in the road, roasting chestnuts and mushrooms, making popcorn, cooking rice and polenta, decorating the street and lots of other experiences that emerged from the idea of doing nothing, just being.

Open air

Second session of the project Són els microorganismes els que tindran l’última paraula

Activity associated with the Air Pur installation at the Sâlmon< Festival (Mercat de les Flors)

Plaça Margarida Xirgu – 11 February from 12 midday to 5.00 pm

Claudia Pagès
Sunday, 7 January, 2018

As a closing of the exhibition Talk Trouble, a reading in three acts will happen:

-Rage, Home & Insults

-Bromas internas, Romance & Contagious

-Emissions, Fools & Bonding

Performing Aleix Clavera, Noela Covelo, Ameen Mettawa and Claudia Pagès.

sunday, January 7, at noon.