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Eixams at St. Pontius’s Day

Àlex Muñoz


The Eixams project is keen to celebrate St. Pontius’s Day with you.

Come, let’s share ideas and get to know and pollinate each other.

Eixams is a project by Àlex Muñoz, produced by Barcelona Producció 2017-18 in the category of digital environment that revolves around honeybees and explores their fascinating world beyond apiculture, a field that it expands while at the same time making the most of its practices and knowledge.

You will be able to discover the audio-visual haptic installation we have created with Xavi Manzanares. In it, the bees in our hive on the rooftop of the Fundació Joan Miró – which are part of the Beehave exhibition – perform live music.

Thanks to the infrared camera installed inside the hive, you will be able to watch live how the bees make honey from the nectar they take from the flowers on Montjuïc mountain.

You will have the opportunity to meet and chat to Aditi Lago, who produced the poster for the Eixams project.

The beekeeper Damir Munriva, from Mel de Cal Vermell, will show you how bees organise themselves inside a hive.

Apis Urbis will present a new beehive design created not to aid the beekeeper and honey production but for the bees themselves. It has been designed so that more than one bee colony can live in the same space simultaneously.

The apitherapy practitioner Marina Lleixà will explain the benefits of beehive products, even those that are little known.

Àlex Muñoz will not be the queen, but he is lucky to have these friends and collaborators with the Eixams project, who pollinate each other.

“Buzz, buzz… buzz, buzz, buzz…”, say the bees to me.

With the swarm of collaborators, we will be in the La Capella lobby between 12.00 midday and 8.00 pm.