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Halloween special - El Misterio de Caviria / Antoni Hervàs

Antoni Hervàs and Eduardo Gión


Come shout with us!
Don’t miss this chilling collective screening of five extraordinary and unreleased Super 8 films by the legendary Pierrot. An actor, draughtsman, writer and showman, Antonio Gracia (1942-2011) was the pioneer of fantaterror and experimental film in Barcelona.
Evening organised by Eduardo Gión, the director of the documentary film Lentejuelas de sangre (2012), which covers the entire extraordinary and unknown aspect of this multifaceted artist.

Thursday, October 27 at 6 pm
Free entry / Limited capacity


+ Miss Drácula (22' 36'')
Do you feel caged? Still intoxicated by an unhappy love? Would you like to just disappear? Die, just like you’ve wanted to do your whole damn life. Miss Dracula will help you. Go to her whenever you want. She’ll be waiting for you in her castle.

+ Lecciones de sexualidad (17')
Come and see: sex-terror, a delectable voyage for your amusement and for letting taboos and unspeakable perversions run free.

+ La muñeca (27' 30'')
The blood of the dead is the seed of new subjects of Satan. An odyssey to the epicentre of Evil in which it was not enough to call at his doors, but to hurl boulders to make sure that he would know.

+ Poseídos (10')
When you are tired of seeing your children levitate and working your fingers to the bone cleaning up the slimy, festering green foam that messes up everything, there is nothing else to do but to sit down and paint your nails while you wait for the crucifix to arrive.

+ El diario de Er (6' 50'')
Eredio dances while shrinking between the pages of his diary, in which a passionate tale of unrequited love is written in blood.



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