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Presentation of the publications of Live action projects

Les Brontë, Quim Pujol and Eliana Beltrán


Presentation of the publications associated with the live action projects

Victoria Macarte / Les Brontë: Fine Cherry
Quim Pujol: Verde croma
Eliana Beltrán: The Reading Room #3 – Aparatos del habla y materialismo histœrico

The role of the action: ephemeral versus permanent and vice versa

The experience of an action (artistic or otherwise) may linger in our memory forever (we could say ‘eternally’), linking with our thinking, whereas many roles formulated to last vanish, consumed by time, dust, mould and the tiny creatures that feed on them.

Otherwise life is ACTION (so says Arnau Puig) and this, in the form of art, demands its ‘role’ with the presence, the practice, but also, paradoxically, through some physical support that opens the mental index of things that have been experienced, for example a poster, which is in part an announcement and in part an artwork.

The La Capella 2018 performers have their posters, which are fantastic and point us to their actions, which you have already seen (or not), but also to other connected, related ideas, which will come to the aid of your memory and imagination. You’ll be able to touch it with your hands! Wednesday 30 May at La Capella.

Joan Casellas