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Presentation of "Són els microorganismes els que tindran l'última paraula"

La Fermentadora Space



The Nyamnyam association will discuss their project 'Són els organismes els que tindran l'última paraula' (Micro-organismswill have the last word) on Saturday 30 September, the day celebrating the tenth anniversary of A TAULA! Cicle de cultura i gastronomia put on by Centre Cívic El Sortidor.



From 11 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm

A Nyamnyam project

La Fermentadora is a collective and effervescent space, a place to celebrate the everyday act of being together. This will be an active and trans-generational space where we will share lessons on fermentation, which will go on for the whole day. During the morning, we will hold an open workshop to make kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, pickled vegetables, probiotic ginger and more. So bring glass jars!

At 4pm, in cooperation with Aviv Kruglanski and Radioactius, we will make miso and get on the radio to talk about social and economic fermentation whilst announcing Nyamnyam's next project, Són els microorganismes els que tindran l'última paraula. Nyamnyam will carry it out in the next six months (the same time it takes for miso to ferment) as an off-site project for Barcelona Producció 2017.

At 5 pm, we will hold the activity Visca el menjar lliure! (Long live free food!), where we will share homemade food, food from our own and others' harvests. To participate in this activity, you must register in advance at the civic centre.

Date: Saturday 30 September, from 11 am onwards

Place: Centre Civic El Sortidor (Pl. Sortidor, 12. Poblesec)

Further information and registration here