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The Reading Room #3 – Aparatos del habla y materialismo histœrico

Eliana Beltrán


The Reading Room is concerned with the unrestricted exploration of other forms of collective reading. The third session of this project presents an action situated between the boundaries of the open essay, micro-theatre, performance and sculptural installation, while also studying the idea of writing plays for the theatre as a medium. Through the reappropriation of Miran Božovič’s essay “The Omniscient Body”, which contains a wealth of narrative material, surrealist brushstrokes, the philosophy of materialism, veiled misogyny and indoctrination, and in which the theme of the acousmatic voice in Diderot’s first novel, Les bijoux indiscrets, and in Pythagorean legends is examined as the possible origin of the term, what is proposed is a deconstruction of meaning expressed through the action of two women drummers who embody two or three characters, a sculpture presented as an actor and a complete alteration of the idea of place that involves what is audible as representation and as fiction.