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Red herring.

Seriality and other slippery frameworks of contemporary audio-visual narrative

Camille Orny and Magda Vaz


Conversation. April, Friday 20, at 7.00 pm Activity associated with the Artengo2000 exhibition (24 January – 1 April 2018), by Camille Orny and Magda Vaz

The conversation will focus on unconventional narrative frameworks that eschew the presentation-climax-denouement format and which structure a set of artefacts, whether they are shared on P2P platforms or come from auteur cinema. The participants will discuss how this type of narration addresses the slippery nature of reality that it fictionalises, since it lacks a totalising ‘story’.

Conversation between Blanca Martínez, Camille Orny and Magda Vaz.





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