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UNTIL I AM NO LONGER ABLE TO STAND / Anna DOT. Presentation and talk

Anna Dot


Where: Múltiplos bookstore (24, Joaquim Costa street)

Where: Thursday 19 January, 19h

 Talk and presentation of the publication Until I am no longer able to stand by Anna Dot and of the series of drawings Anotacions al marge by Rafel G. Bianchi, Talk by David Armengol, Raimon Guirado, Rafel G. Bianchi and Anna Dot.

 Until I am no longer able to stand is the project that Anna Dot presented at the Espai Cub of La Capella, and was a long-term oral exercise that challenged the schedules and the attention and resistance capacity of the listeners and of the speaker herself. On the occasion of the presentation of the resulting publication, project tutor David Armengol, Raimon Guirado (from Folch Studio) and Anna Dot will speak about Michel de Montaigne's writing method, the publication design process and the open endings.