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When we are together we can be everywhere

Activity related to the project "A Break can be what we are aiming for", curated by Irina Mutt


Screening of Marit Östberg’s film When we are together we can be everywhere.
Screening of short films selected by Héctor Acuña from his collection Pornífero Festival.
Talk with Marit Östberg, Héctor Acuña and Lucía Egaña.

When we are together we can be everywhere
Sexy, sweaty hot porn with multiple layers, this is a film about making porn. It’s a film about the relationships between the people in front of and behind the camera. It is a film about friendship and sex. It is a love letter from Marit, the director, to her star Liz Rosenfeld and the city of Berlin. It is a director’s look back on the collective space created during the shooting of the film. It is porn that wants to become reality. It is porn that was reality while it was being shot.

We will see Marit Östberg’s film as well as some short films that are part of Héctor Acuña’s Pornífero archive. In the subsequent talk we will speak with Marit Östberg, Héctor Acuña and Lucía Egaña about feminist practices in porn and sex work as well as other related topics.

Marit Östberg is a filmmaker and visual artist from Sweden. She has collaborated with artists and collectives such as Paula Temple and Fever Ray and The Knife.

Lucía Egaña is an artist, feminist theorist and writer. Co-director of La Muestra Marrana, a post-porn festival held at Hangar (Barcelona) for several editions. Lucía Egaña is currently part of the teaching staff of the PEI (Independent Studies Programme of the MACBA).

Héctor Acuña / Frau Diamanda (Peru) is a self-taught artist, drag performer, independent curator, cultural infector, DJ and actor/actress specializing in transgender art and multimedia performance.

*Image courtesy of Marit Östberg