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A break can be what we are aiming for

Curator: Irina Mutt // Artists: Mycket, Susanne M. WInterling, Girls Like Us, Merrit K., Alok Vaid-Menon, Marit Östberg, Laia Estruch and Adriana Minoliti


“A break can be what we are aiming for” is a direct quotation from the author Sara Ahmed that points us towards the notion of rupture, of breakage, but also of a pause, an interruption. The fragile element may be a structure, a context or a situation that gradually wears us down, causing breakages and damage. The fact that we feel vulnerable means that we need safe places and spaces where we can gather our strength and build a family, a group, a tribe, a guerrilla force. Looking after ourselves and others is also a political act. Is there any way of relating to the break that does not aspire to restore what was broken? Remaining outside may constitute the safe place. A break may be what we are aiming for; it may be both a crevice and a hammer.

The works and formats in this exhibition revolve around and traverse these ideas that focus on vulnerability as power, the energy that comes from being demolished and demolishing at the same time, seeking, in a dual sense, the idea of the safe place and also the possibility of expanding, of circulating in a fragmentary and collective manner.

Scheduled activities:

Thursday 24 May
When we are together we can be everywhere
Screening of the film by Marit Östberg When we are together we can be everywhere. Screening of short films selected by Héctor Acuña from his collection Pornífero Festival. Talk with Marit Östberg, Héctor Acuña and Lucía Egaña.

Friday 8 June
Moat by Laia Estruch + Girls Like Us
Presentation of Moat by Laia Estruch, and reading by the Girls Like Us collective.

Thursday 28 June
Mycket + Tami T.
Performance by the Mycket collective and closing party with a concert by Tami T.