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Cartas desde el bosque

Bárbara Sánchez


For the last several months, I have been living in the Forest of Dean, in southwest England bordering Wales. During this time I have been flooded with a series of thoughts and reflections on what such a radical change in lifestyle entails: going from living in a city like Barcelona to being isolated in a house a half hour’s drive away from the nearest town. Some factors that have changed in my life are the passage of time and time management and how it seems like the forest envelops everything in a comfortable languor. There are many more, like leaving behind consumerism, noise and the bustle of civilization, and others of a political nature, such as whether isolating oneself corresponds to a desire for civil disobedience.

The project is a series of correspondence between my home in the forest in England and La Capella in Barcelona. Making use of documentary and paying tribute to Chris Marker and Harun Farocki and the correspondence between Víctor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami, they are filmed letters that use these topics and others to reflect on life in the forest, seeking to glean whether Thoreau was right when he wrote that living in the forest is living life in the real way or if it was only a romanticisation of nature.


From the forest, every week the artist will send a video letter on a DVD that will be screened at the space. All the letters will be available for viewing; you can do so by taking the DVD from inside and placing it in the player.

If you want to enter into communication with the artist, you can leave a letter in the red mail box that is located on the street, just next to the entrance to the exhibition hall.

Bárbara Sánchez Barroso
Hill House - Pleasant Stile
Littledean, GL143NT
United Kingdom





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