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Paco Chanivet


We subvive in this era of high definition and low empathy. Hiding behind the regime of transparency is the dictatorship of specular objects. Identity has fragmented into Web morphemes: filters, “I like” and other clicks. Hype is the new faith and an outdated immunological firewall transforms otherness into a World of Warcraft horde. In the floor of Silicon Valley, a bunch of fingers slides across the black waters of a frozen lake; in its depths, a twinkling charm holds the erotic energy in a Cartesian chatroom. Fear and loathing on AliExpress. Time becomes a purchase history and the predictive program pursues the accident. Porno-existentialist philosophers debate the differences between the society of the spectacle and the spectral society: “Ne vous connectez jamais” on the façade of a data centre. In the distance, the scopic lament of voices on auto-tune drowns in a quantified sea. Greenpeace protects Technogaia. The data cold war to control painstaking and poor readings. Nick Land, Nobel Peace Prize winner. Cyber-realist demonstrators attack the parapsychology industry: no to the networks of hyperconnected ghosts. Steve Jobs cargo cult. When laughter turns to a smile, the only thing left to say is “LOL”.

Guided visits by the artists:
Sunday June 3, at 12.30h
Sunday June 10, at 12.30h
Friday June 22, at 5.30pm
Sunday July 1, at 12.30h
Sunday July 8, at 12.30h
Sunday July 15, at 12.30h







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