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Presentation of the book "homosexual is not simply the homophile but blinded by the lost phallus" by the Palomar team (Rafa Marcos and Mariokissme) for the tutor ofthe project Mireia Sallarès.

Equipo Palomar


Place: Llibreria Múltiplos (Joaquim Costa, 30 Barcelona 08001)
Date: 8th November at 7pm.

Within his prolific literary output, Alberto Cardín outlined a film script in 1976 that remains unpublished to this day. Cardín wrote the script when the first project for a political reform bill and the first democratic election of a president following the Franco dictatorship was occurring in Spain. Its activation and completion for the first time today again impacts national macropolitics right at a time when questions are being asked of the paradigm, or what is being called the “Second Transition”.



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