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The Touching Community / Greenberg_1992

Activity related to the exhibition La dissidència nostàlgica

Aimar Pérez Galí


Since 2015, Aimar Pérez Galí has been investigating the impact of the AIDS epidemic in the context of Spanish and Latin American dance and relating it to the parallel expansion of contact improvisation, a dance practice in which the movements are improvised from the physical contact between two or more bodies. AIDS and contact bring down the immunological barrier fell and invite us to live with the unknown.

The Touching Community is an intimate and affective work which engages with the particular and local but at the same time gives visibility to an era and a community; a work on touch and contact as a tool for survival and on the transmission routes in the movement of memory. In appropriating this improvised heritage Aimar makes us think about the past from the physical and emotional present, lived and shared, of the body and of the voice.


April 25, 12 noon / Boyberry

+18 years old
Limited number of places. Reservations at:
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